Our Process

When Building for Custom Clients, we have 4 main stages in our Process.

Design and Engineering –

Based on the specific topography of the build site, the client’s budget, and home size we then determine the location of the home and all other needed infrastructure. Septic tanks, waterlines, condensers, wells, electrical, etc. In the Texas Hill Country the topography can vary drastically. We find an optimal location for the home to minimize overall foundation height and infrastructure costs. Once this is determined, the architect and engineers begin working on the design, engineering and site plans for permit application submission.

Selection of Materials and Finishes –

Once the plans are finalized and submitted to the appropriate permitting authorities, we do a detailed “Take off” to determine all material quantities needed to build the home. Lumber, roofing, drywall, insulation, tile, wood flooring, fixtures, appliances, hardware etc. At this point we have a meeting with the Client to discuss the budget in relation to finishes and overall costs. Then, the real fun begins – our clients meet with our supplier partners to make selections within their budget, and create their unique story for their home.

Construction –

While the client is making selections, we generally are getting close to obtaining the Building Permit from the city and getting started on the actual construction. Once the overall costs are approved and the permits are issued we are ready to break ground! This is exciting because you can start to see your home site more clearly. We start with clearing the trees that are in the building line and doing any needed excavation. Building is a fluid process and there are many pieces of the puzzle to consider. Each home is different and each lot is unique. The  foundation is of course first, followed by framing, mechanicals, insulation, drywall, masonry, roofing cabinets, trim and doors, paint, tile, wood flooring, electrical and plumbing fixtures, driveways, wells, septics, carpet, landscaping, etc.

Punch out and Certificate of Occupancy –

Our projects are walked by the builder or project manager many times a week to ensure integrity all  along the way. The Builder and client will have multiple walkthroughs throughout the project at key intervals. Typically these meetings are at the foundation stage (to verify the homes exact placement), pre- drywall to verify all electrical and plumbing locations etc, preliminary walk through after fixtures are installed (this is where all final lists are made including punch related items), and a final walk to confirm that all punch list items are resolved and ready to apply for a Certificate of Occupancy with the Governing Authorities.

Hand Selected Subcontractors and Suppliers –

We value the relationships with all of our subcontractors and suppliers.  Many have been with us from our beginnings in 2002. 

Over the years, we are constantly vetting our subcontractors and suppliers based on changes in quality and workmanship, price increases,and/ or performance time/delays. In the construction industry, like most industries, businesses go through different cycles based on supply and demand in various markets. These changes sometimes lead to diminished quality or productivity delays which merit a change. However, after 18 years in business, we have a relatively set group of partners that expect a certain level of attention to both sides of the relationship and consider ourselves blessed to be in partnership with them.

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